About The Founder

My Name is Raymond Thato Tsiane.
I am a Serial Investor, Founder of Escalate Professional Fumigation Company and NFP EPIGNOSIS.
In my endeavour, I have obtained NQF Level 5 Certificate in Banking, National Certificate in IT and am currently studying Bcom Degree in Entrepreneurship at Mancosa. With 2 years experience in Merchant Helpdesk and Merchant Onboarding at one of the world known Bank.


Following the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have realized how stranded the public was left in need of essential services that were not easily accessible at the time and also how many people lost their jobs. Therefore we created an Online Advertising Website called Mzansi Quick Solve, this is to give the underdogs and newly founded businesses more visibility to the eye that needs it.


With this Website, our aim is to employ 60% of Unemployed South African Citizen’s to help us market and advertise this Website to be a success.