Mzansi Quick Solve – Ad Submission Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Mzansi Quick Solve, the premier classifieds website (“Website”) serving the South African market. Prior to submitting your advertisement (“Ad”) on our platform, we kindly request that you carefully read and comprehend the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). By proceeding with submitting an Ad, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these Terms that govern the process of Ad submission and publication on our Website.

1. Ad Content:

1.1. You are fully accountable for the content of your Ad, including its accuracy, legality, and conformity with applicable laws and regulations.

1.2. Ad content must not infringe upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, and publicity rights.

1.3. Ads must be free from false, misleading, or deceptive information.

1.4. We retain the right to review and edit Ad content for clarity, formatting, and adherence to our guidelines.

2. Prohibited Content:

2.1. Ads endorsing illegal, offensive, discriminatory, or harmful content are strictly forbidden.

2.2. Ads featuring explicit adult content, hate speech, violence, or any form of harassment will not be accepted.

2.3. Ads promoting counterfeit items, illicit substances, weapons, or any other prohibited goods are prohibited.

3. Ad Approval:

3.1. All submitted Ads are subject to approval by our moderation team. We reserve the prerogative to reject or eliminate any Ad that contravenes these Terms or our policies.

3.2. The approval of an Ad does not indicate endorsement or assurance of the Ad’s quality, accuracy, or authenticity.

4. User Conduct:

4.1. You concur to utilize the Website solely for legitimate purposes and to comply with all pertinent laws and regulations.

4.2. You shall not engage in fraudulent, deceitful, or malicious activities on the Website.

5. Fees and Payments:

5.1. Specific Ad categories or premium features may necessitate payment. Payment terms and fees are stipulated on our payment page.

5.2. Payments are non-refundable, except in instances where Ads are declined by us prior to publication.

6. Intellectual Property:

6.1. Through submitting an Ad, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, adapt, modify, and exhibit the Ad on our Website and related platforms.

6.2. You affirm that you possess the requisite rights to grant this license for any content encompassed within your Ad.

7. Privacy:

7.1. Personal data provided during the submission process will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

8. Termination:

8.1. We reserve the right to suspend, terminate, or restrict your access to the Website in the event of a breach of these Terms or engagement in detrimental activities.

9. Disclaimers:

9.1. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of Ads or any information presented on the Website.

9.2. We shall not be held responsible for any transactions, communications, or disputes that arise between users based on Ads posted on the Website.

10. Amendments to Terms:

10.1. We may revise or modify these Terms periodically. The updated Terms shall become effective upon being posted on the Website.

11. Contact Us:

11.1. Should you have any inquiries or concerns about these Terms, please reach out to us at [contact email/phone].

By submitting an Ad on our Mzansi Quick Solve Website, you acknowledge and confirm that you have perused, comprehended, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Non-compliance with these Terms may lead to the removal of your Ad and possible additional actions.

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